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  • Getting started on social media

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    What is social media? Social media is the catch-all term that refers to online communication channels that are dedicated to finding and interacting with communities, sharing content and collaborating. The most popular social media channels are: Facebook – Free social networking website that allows you to create a profile, stay in touch with friends, upload photos and videos and create groups and pages. Twitter – Free content sharing and microblogging website which allows you to follow users, broadcast tweets and content and receive news updates. You can participate in discussion that interests you and follow trending topics. Linkedin – Free social networking tool specifically for the business community. The website is built around your CV, allowing you to establish professional networks and search for jobs. Youtube - Free video-hosting platform that allows you to post and share videos worldwide as well as find video content that interests you. The BMA is active on Twitter , Facebook , Linkedin and YouTube . Why use it? Social media is a great way to monitor debates about issues that are important to you and monitor what influential organisations and...
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