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  • Future doctors must better represent today's p...

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    Half of all secondary schools and colleges across the UK failed to provide a single applicant to medicine in recent years. This staggering statistic shows up the enormous chasm that still exists between the most advantaged and the least advantaged children in our country, particularly when it comes to medicine. As passionate advocates for widening participation in the medical profession, our committee is united in agreeing that entry to medical school and the profession should be open to the most able, not most able to pay. Because of this, widening participation has been a thread running through our entire year, aiming to ensure that those entering the profession truly represent the population that they’re going to serve. We have lobbied for initiatives at the new private medical schools and across the board, springing from our involvement in the Selecting for Excellence project. It is essential those who can make a difference take this issue seriously. We have and will continue to remind them of this need. As part of this work, the BMA has invited school pupils interested in a career in medicine to attend part of the ARM. If you are interested in this area and...
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