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  • Junior doctors asked for some stability — not this...

    7 days ago by 
    Like many of you, I'd hoped that with the mountain of evidence and testimony provided, the Doctors and Dentists Review Body would have seen fit to show its 'independence' and not simply become the Government's mouthpiece giving old bad ideas a new rubber-stamp. I say that as the co-chair of the BMA junior doctors committee, but I say it also as a doctor who, quite simply, couldn’t have made the choices I have about my career under the proposed new system. Those choices help me be the best doctor I can for my patients. Without them, I would be diminished and so too would the care I could offer them. It goes to the heart of why we have been working so hard on negotiating a new contract. Junior doctors work long hours and take high-risk clinical decisions . In return, they need stability. The safeguards against tired doctors, the basic quality-of-life issues that workers in other fields take for granted, it was all about creating a backdrop of stability to a working life that is inevitably full of unstable, uncertain and demanding clinical situations. We weren’t asking the Government to make medicine easier, we were asking for basic protections in our working...
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