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  • This year's pay offer is an insult to our members...

    1 day ago by 
    We have already seen in previous years the government ignoring recommendations from the independent DDRB (Doctors and Dentists Review Body). This year it went a step further and persuaded it to not even hear evidence for SAS and other hospital doctors. This entirely undermines the role of the pay review body, and is not just deeply unfair to doctors, but has a bearing on our patients. The DDRB can have a positive influence in ensuring there are enough doctors, with the right level of experience, to deliver high-quality patient care. That is why in previous years it has often targeted pay increases to help recruitment and retention. Instead, SAS doctors are subject to a two-year pay award announced last year, which gave a 1 per cent non-consolidated increase for doctors at the top of their pay scale for each of the two years. Doctors who are eligible to receive increments get no further increase. This comes at a time when more than a quarter of SAS doctors who responded to the most recent BMA tracker survey said they were concerned about their job security, and there are reports of trusts misusing development funding. And although this year’s DDRB report was not considering...
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