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  • LMC Conference - starting the debate

    11 days ago by 
    The agenda for this year’s LMC Conference is now available online . To get the debate started we’ve selected a couple of motions that might be of interest to GPs in Scotland, please join the debate and let us have your comments. That conference believes that the increase in GP workload and increase in GP work intensity is unsustainable and is a disincentive to join the profession leading to an exodus of doctors away from the profession and calls for urgent action to limit GP workload to manageable levels. That conference asks GPC to ensure that, for the benefit of patient safety, out-of-hours (OOH) providers have: (i) appropriate staffing skill mix (ii) effective triage algorithms (iii) consideration of the impact on daytime services (iv) sufficient funding (v) an obligation to provide indemnity cover for employees
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