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  • Legally binding waiting time targets - good or bad...

    1 day ago by 
    The thorny subject of NHS waiting times has been in the news again in Scotland. This time, it’s the legally binding treatment time guarantee that is the subject of political debate – a measure introduced in the Patient Rights Act in 2011 and one that ministers said would give patients cast iron certainty that they would receive operations within 12 weeks of being added to the waiting list. But figures published this week found that the number of patients waiting more than 12 weeks had increased from October 2012 (when the treatment time guarantee was introduced) to 1810 in December 2014 . The publication of these statistics led to the usual political debate with the Scottish Conservative health spokesman Jackson Carlaw claiming that the legal guarantee was ‘becoming increasingly preposterous’. And although Scottish Labour has not formally called for the scrapping of it (Shadow Public Health Minister Richard Simpson is on record saying he would), their health spokesperson Jenny Marra said that “the law should be enforced”. The Government argues that the law means that there “is an incentive to do better”. But where were these voices...
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